Bishop Patrick J. McGrath of the Diocese of San Jose
(Pic Credit: by Karl Mondon of the Bay Area News Group via Joseph Sciambra)

The Gay Diocese of Bishop “P.J.” McGrath

. . .Bishop Patrick Joseph McGrath, during his tenure as Bishop in the fifth-largest Diocese in California, the Diocese of San Jose (home to over 600,000 Catholics) has become one of the most gay-affirmative dioceses in the U.S.  Installed in 1999, although Bishop McGrath has a long history of gay-affirmation, in 2017 he was widely lauded by LGBT activists when he publicly criticized a decree given by Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, which stated that individuals involved in a same-sex marriage should not present themselves for the reception of certain Sacraments; for instance, the Eucharist.  It should be noted that the decree of Bishop Paprocki did not deny anyone the Sacrament of Confession. . .

by Joseph Sciambra

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