Viganò Watch: Tuesday Second Edition

Pope Francis

Why Francis Must Speak

. . .the fact that Pope Francis refused to answer questions about Viganò’s charges on the flight back from the World Meeting of Families in Ireland is telling.  How likely is it that an innocent man would let these multiple serious charges of malfeasance remain unanswered?  Certainly possible, but highly unlikely. . .

by Father Gerald E. Murray, J.C.D.,

of First Things

The Sneering Contempt of Pope Francis – Matthew Walther, The Week
Why Did B16 Resign? McCarrick, Viganò & Vat. Bank Scandals Explained – T Marshall PhD
Whistleblower Fr. Boniface Ramsey Reacts to Viganò’s Letter – J.F. Desmond, NCRegister
This Isn’t the 1970’s Neomodernist Prelates – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy
Francis’s Refusal to Admit or Deny the Allegations is So Troubling – P.J. Smith, Smdplx
Aldo Maria Valli: How Viganò Gave Me His Testimony; Why I Published It – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Bombshell – P.J. Smith, Semiduplex
Hold Fast – Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman
Bishop McElroy Accuses Viganò of ‘Distorting’ the Truth – Catholic Herald
Bishop Morlino on Viganò: Criteria for Credible Allegations are More Than Fulfilled – Z
Archbishop Vigneron’s Response to the Viganò Statement – Archdiocese of Detroit
A Drastic Problem Needs a Drastic Solution – Fr. Stanley Smolenski S.P.M.A., NC Register
Marco Tosatti Says He Helped Pen Bombshell – Nicole Winfield, Associated Press via Crux
How the White House Could Help the Catholic Church – Austin Ruse, The Stream
Pope: ‘I Will Not Say a Single Word’ on Vigano’s Allegations of a Cover-up – The CWR
DiNardo Calls for Conclusive Answers to Questions Raised by Viganò – The CWR
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