(Left to Right) Fathers Dan McCarthy, Bernard Lynch, John McNeill, & Robert Carter lead the discredited Dignity apostolate in New York’s “Gay” pride march in the early 1980s.
(Pic Credit: Brandan Fay via Joseph Sciambra)

Tragic & Twisted Characters Who Made “Gay” Normal, One was a Priest

. . .in 1973, the American Psychiatric Association made the decision to delete homosexuality as a diagnostic category from the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM).  This decision was not based on new scientific evidence, but the result of political pressure from activists in & out of the Association, particularly from the newly formed National Gay Task Force;  in 1973, the 4 founding leaders of the Task Force included Dr. Howard Brown, Dr. Bruce Voeller, Fr. Robert Carter, & Dr. Frank Kameny. . .

by Joseph Sciambra

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