Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report: VVednesday Edition

Sean Cardinal O’Malley (Pic Credit: These Stone Walls)

Catholic Media Join the Sex Abuse Pile-On

. . .in an exclusive for These Stone Walls, Catholic author David F. Pierre, Jr takes a soul-searching measure of the Catholic media at this time of crisis in the Church. . .

by Father Gordon J. MacRae,

of These Stone Walls

Egypt’s River & a Predictably “Gay” Attack on a Forthright Bishop – Fr. Z’s Blog
Abuse Accusation Against Priest Is Wrong, See For Yourself –
Bishop Thomas Tobin Says Abuse was Outside His Responsibility – Providence Journal
What the Bishops Should Do. . . – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Standing in the Cesspool: The Complicity of the Commentariat – A. Layne, Catholic Stand
Two Legionaries Discuss How They Dealt With the Maciel Case – Fr. Mat. P. Schneider L.C.
Fackenheim’s Law & the Current Crisis – George Weigel, The Catholic World Report
Judas in Our Midst, Would We Leave the Church? – Birgit Jones, Catholic Stand
CUA President Sees Laity as Key to Renewal in Scandal – Catholic News Service
Victims’ Advocate Says Info. & Who Controls It Key to abuse Crisis – Ch. White, Crux
Pp. Francis’s Letter on Abuse was Not Enough, We Need Action – Ch. Altieri, Cthlc Herald
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