Bishops (Pic Credit: Roman Catholic Man)

The Depth of My Anger of Decades of Effete Bishops

. . .unlike the mighty bishops who came before you, you are the ones who never believed our people were capable of growing; of living a superior life in God’s good graces.  Do you believe in grace at all?  For you, living a life of virtue is an unrealistic goal; certainly not anything anyone is capable of living.  Your weak, effete “leadership” has made “us” the enemy because we actually believe we are capable of living as our ancestors once did . . . lives totally dedicated to God & His way, not just the way of the world.  You blame us for dividing the Church when all the while we are trying to live in union with the Church as it was for 1965 years. . .

by Father Richard Heilmann,

of Roman Catholic Man

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