The Death Penalty Final Edition

Noose (Pic Credit: AdobeStock via Catholic Answers Magazine)

Understanding the Catechism Revision on the Death Penalty

. . .Is this new revision an exercise of papal infallibility. . .

. . .No. . .

by Jimmy Akin,

of Catholic Answers Magazine

Everything Happens for a Reason, the Death Penalty Change – Fr. Z’s Blog
Pope Making a Mess of the Catechism, Especially on the Death Penalty – Fr. Martin Fox
The New Catechism Text Will Damage the Church – Edw. Feser Ph.D., Catholic Herald
Imagine No Religion, Too – Deacon James H. Toner, Crisis Magazine
A View on the Death Penalty to Offend Everybody – Richard M. Reinsch II, Law & Lbrty
St. Alphonsus: Public Authority is Given the Power to Kill Wrongdoers – Rorate Cæli
Development, Capital Punishment, & Dignitatis Humanæ – Korey D. Maas, Public Dscrs
Ask Tony: Did the CCC 2267 Rescript Change Catholic Doctrine? – A. Layne, Cthlc Stand
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