McCarrick Watch: Tuesday Edition

Tithing (Pic Credit: flickr)

A Wealthy Catholic Donor Rebels

. . .His name isn’t ‘Steve’.  He’s a recently-retired Midwesterner, a convert to the Faith and a married man. . .

. . .He also donates in the mid-five figure$ to the Catholic Church every year. . .

from Regina Magazine

Albany Bishop: Laity, Not Bishops, Must Investigate McCarrick – Peter Jesserer Smith
A Roundup of Bishops Reactions to McCarrick Scandal – National Catholic Register
How to Fight Back:  Stop Tithing, Adopt a Parish – Sh. Schaetzel, Catholics Are Christian
Intrinsic Evil & McCarrick – Dan Hitchens, First Things
Card. Cupich Backs a Laity Involved Investigation of McCarrick Scandal – M. O’Loughlin
What Priests Do – Tom Piatak, Crisis Magazine
Abuse Survivor Says Card. Wuerl’s Solution Not Far Enough – E. Condon J.C.L., NCRgstr
Univ. of Notre Dame Won’t Revoke Honor of McCarrick, For Now – M Archbold, NCRgstr
Don’t Use the Sexual Abuse Scandal to Attack Confession – K.V. Turley, Ntnl C. Register
This Saint Can Teach Us about Responding to a Church Scandal – S. Jacobs, Cthlc Stand
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