Kevin Cardinal Farrell (Pic Credit: Life Site)

Rocked by Scandals, the Vatican Should Cancel the Pro-Homosexual World Meeting of Families

. . .claims of innocence are not going to be enough any longer, nor the protections of the old-boy networks.  Take the case of Kevin Cardinal Farrell, one-time auxiliary bishop of Washington D.C., who claims, implausibly, not to have known anything irregular about McCarrick, with whom he lived for six years. . .

. . .It seems highly unlikely, though it’s just barely possible.  And if so – a big if – Cardinal Farrell himself may now become a victim of McCarrick’s evil deeds.  Farrell will be one of the speakers at the World Meeting of Families in Dublin later this month.  Whether he’s to blame or not, his credibility as head of the new Dicastery for Laity, Family, & Life has been damaged.  And will not be restored unless there’s a thorough investigation of what he & others knew – & didn’t know.

by Robert Royal, Ph.D.,

of The Catholic Thing

via Life Site

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