This illumination is taken from the Taymouth Hours, circa A.D. 1325 (Credit: Rorate Caeli)

Fatima, the Sun, the Black Banner & a Friar’s Prophecy: “We Can Bring You Down & We Will”

. . .Poland.  At the end of the second decade of the 20th century.  A young, conventual, Franciscan Friar is seated at his desk trying to organize his thoughts.  On the desk there is only a small image of Our Lady.  For some months now there has been talk of a “beautiful Lady” appearing to three little illiterate shepherds in Portugal.  All the newspapers had reported it.  They had reported the strange apparitions & the Miracle of the Sun, a prodigy previously foretold by the little shepherds. . .

by David Murgia

of Il Segno di Giona

via Rorate Cæli

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