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. . .four practical rules for anyone in an ecumenical setting . . . “Don’t idolize anything (even reunion). . .

by Kate Poortenga,

of the Acton Institute Blog

Live Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Adorecast
Bishop Fellay Unseated: SSPX Elects New Superior General – Fr. Z’s Blog
Priests Apologize for Wearing Clerical Attire at Trump Rally – CNS via Catholic Herald
Why Russian Orthodox Chief Left His Chair Empty at Pope’s Summit – John Allen, Crux
Pedophiles Put Themselves Under the LGBT Umbrella in Rebranding Effort – Life Site
A New Explanation for the Rise of LGBT Leads to a New Strategic Response – The Strm
Exclusive Photos: The Last Hermit of Ireland – Stephen Mc Elligott, Aleteia
Time to Say “No Thanks” to Liturgical Deviations – Monika Rheinschmitt, Die Tagespost
Quæritur: Should a Priest have a Day Off? – Fr. Z’s Blog
5 Surprising Facts About Satan – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Truscum, Tucutes, & Kelpselves: New Transgender Vocabulary – Rod Dreher, The A. . .
Bishops Attacked by Mob While Defending Church, Tweets Pics of Wounds – ChurchPOP
The Vatican to Draft Guidelines on Proper Use for Redundant Churches – C. Glatz, CH
Kavanaugh, Anti-Catholic Bigotry, & the Catholic Vote – Stephen Herreid, Catholic Vote
Pope Calls Divine Wrath Upon Sandinista Thugs – Tancred, The Eponymous Flower
Democrats Will Impose a Religious Test on Kavanaugh – Jn. D.  Davidson, The Federalist
Sacramental Realism: The Intercommunion Debate – R.R. Reno, First Things
Iraqi Refugees in France are Helping to Revive a Marian Apparition Site – Aleteia
The Last Shall Be First – Noel Ethan Tan, Ignitum Today
Why There’s Still Time to Stop Euthanasia – Kathleen N. Hattrup, Aleteia
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