The Next U.S. Supreme Court Justice Edition

Alex Pappas Tweet on Possible 6 Finalist for SCOTUS Justice (Credit: The Stream)

17 Eye-Opening Tweets as Justice Kennedy Announces Retirement

. . .experts, pundits & official Twitter accounts offered a range of views.  They discuss the retirement of Justice Kennedy, the process moving forward & what’s at stake. . .

by Josh Shepherd,

of The Stream

Dems Have Themselves to Blame for the Second SCOTUS Pick – Joseph A. Wulfsohn
Justice Anthony Kennedy: The Supreme Court’s ‘Swing Vote’ Retires – Fr. R. de Souza
Here’s List of the 25 People the White House Will Consider for Next Justice – K. Trinko
The White House: Unborn Babies Have Fundamental Right Right to Life – S. Ertelt, LN
Good Riddance to Justice Kennedy – Matthew Walther, The Week
Overturning Roe v. Wade – R.R. Reno, First Things
Meet the Man Who Will Be Advising the White House on Replacement – R. Del Guidice
The Overturning of Roe v. Wade & the Possibility of Cultural Change – M. Brown Ph.D.
The Supreme Court’s Religion Problem – Bruce P. Frohnen, Law and Liberty
Shields, Not Swords – Ryan T. Anderson Ph.D., National Affairs
Meet the New Pivotal Justice on the Supreme Court: John Roberts – Law and Liberty
Courts Can’t Rule on the Legitimacy of Religious Beliefs – Amy K. Hall, The Stream
Pro-Abortion Senate Dems Vow to Oppose Any Supreme Court Nominee – Mic. Bilger
Anthony Kennedy: The Most Important Voter In America – Ben Domenech, The Fdrlst
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