Anthony Bourdain (Credit: Screen Shot from ABC News via Crisis Magazine)

Good Food is Not Enough; Regarding the Suicide of Anthony Bourdain

. . .I was saddened by the news of the death of Anthony Bourdain, reported as an apparent suicide.  While I’m always surprised & saddened by the news that a person has opted out of life, unfortunately, our collective shock has perhaps been lessened by other high profile suicides among pop stars, & by our intuitive recognition that a darker, hidden side often dwells under the shadow cast by the façade of entertainers.  I write this without any specific knowledge as to the details of Mr. Bourdain’s death, or as to his mental illness, or whether or not he had any diagnosed record of illness, had sought any treatment, or given any warning signs. . .

by Dusty Gates,

of Crisis Magazine

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