Birgit Jones on MeWe (Credit: Catholic Life in Our Times)

Social Yet Private, Is It Time To MeWe?

. . .Stories about the corruption of social media giant, Facebook, are coming in at an increasingly faster pace.  Apparently, not only is our privacy at risk, but we are being manipulated & targeted.  There are accusations surrounding the election cycle, mind games, & total betrayal – all in the name of socializing.  It may well be time to take another path – or at least a supplemental one.  Here is where social newcomer, MeWe, enters the picture. . .

by Birgit Jones,

of Catholic Life in Our Times

Popes’ Call to Holiness: Addressing Non-Existant Issues in the Church – Rb. Royal Ph.D.
Ted Cruz Savage Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook’s Anti-Catholic Bias – Bre Payton
Fr. Joseph Ratzinger’s 1969 Prediction: What the Church Will Look Like in 2000 – RCM
I Deleted My Facebook Account – Shane Schaetzel, Catholic in the Ozarks
Ross Douthat, Pope Francis, & the Future of the Catholic Church – R.J. Snell Ph.D.
Strange Solidarity: US Bishops & AFSCME – Steven Malanga, City Journal
Intersectional Insanity – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Can There Be a Catholic “Mindfulness?” – Jeannie Ewing, Catholic Exchange
The Death of Stalin, Movie Review – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
A Year After Twin Suicide Bombings, Egyptian Churches Growing Rapidly – Nancy Flory
Self-Serving Salvation: Pelagianism & Gnosticism Revisited – Mat. B. Rose, Cthlc Exchng
U. of  Notre Dame Sandwich That’s Raised $1M For Charity – Ryan Scheel, uCatholic
Restoring Courtship in a Hook-Up Culture: The Dating Project – Ella Hadacek, NC Rgstr
Three Parables For The Sojourn Of Faith – Deacon Greg Lambert, Catholic Stand
Why Do We Need Religion in a Globalized World? – Miriam Diez Bosch, Aleteia
Alfie Evan’s Parents: Life Support Could be Yanked Today – Steven Ertelt, Life News
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