Spanish Easter Procession

Make Christianity Weird Again

. . .in the past few decades, some parts of the church that tend to reject the trappings of religion have tried desperately to appear “normal”. But for a generation that prizes authenticity, maybe that’s just a turn-off. Rather than being just a slightly rubbish version of the rest of the world, with slightly rubbish coffee & slightly rubbish music, maybe Christianity needs to embrace its difference, its strangeness, its weirdness, its mystery. Christianity as a norm, gone for good? Maybe that’s good news for everyone (Peter Ormerod of The Guardian, slightly edited). . .

by Rod Dreher

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Students Organize Pro-Life Walkout for Babies Killed By Abortion Violence – Ste. Ertelt
Pope Replaces Brazilian Bishop Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Church $ – I. San Martín
The Canaanite Woman: Was Jesus Prejudiced? – Nicholas LaBanca, Catholic Stand
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Viganò Scandal Raises Questions about Reform in the Curia – Chr. R. Altieri, The CWR
After ISIS Beaten, Islamists Stop Iraqi Christians Returning to Their Homes – R. Karash
Belgian Priest: Vatican-China Deal on Bishops Might Really Happen – Barbe Fraze, CH
Christians Must Rise Up & Defend Children with Down Syndrome –  Dave Griffey, DF
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