The Aficionado by Pablo Picasso (Credit: First Things)

Goodbye, Heraclitus: On Today’s Atmosphere of Crisis

. . .the political winds are shifting, & our elites are increasingly dismayed and disoriented. Voters throughout the West are rejecting establishment parties, often in spite of dire warnings by the mainstream media & the leadership class. . .

by R.R. Reno,

of First Things

Here’s How to Practice 5 Corporal Works of Mercy in a Single Place – Melissa Guerrero
Adversity & Its Immense Value – Alan Scott, Catholic Exchange
What Would Your Lent Have Been Like in AD 1873? – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Tale of Two Priests’ Videos: Fr. Mike Schmitz & Fr. James Martin – One Mad Mom
How I Know Jordan Peterson is Probably Onto Something – Dave Griffey, Daffey Thghts
The Escalation of Pornography: A Ten-Year Update – Patrick F. Fagan Ph.D., Marri Blog
St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Secret Formula for Raising Millions – Brice Sokolowski
The Romance of Ordinary Marriage – Nathanael Blake Ph.D., Public Discourse

Ex-Irish Leader Says Pope in Dublin Will Face Mix of Hope, Skepticism – J. Allen, Crux
Depression in Lent, an Unsought Penance – Jim Dougherty, Catholic Stand
Stop Trying to Make Church Fun, It’s About Something More Important – ChrchPop
This New ‘Civilisation’ Update Misses the Point – Will Gore, Catholic Herald
Nothing can Beat Kenneth Clark’s ‘Partial & Dogmatic’ Original Civilisation – F. Phillips
Studies in Words – Richard Weaver Ph.D., The Imaginative. . .

Card. Wuerl Discusses His Parish-Based Road Map for Amoris – Peter Jesserer Smith
Black Panther’s Wakanda: A Modern Medievalist State – Modern Medievalism
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