Fr. Antonio Spadaro (Credit: Life Site)

What We Seem To Have in Fr. Spadaro & Tony Annett is a Visceral Dislike of Anyone or Any Entity That Disagrees With or Questions or Criticizes Pope Francis

. . on tweets & retweets, crises & opportunities. . .

by Joan Lewis,

of Joan’s Rome blog

The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon – Bishop Robert Barron, National Catholic Register
The Pope & the Vatican’s Top Power Broker – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
The Saint Who Reformed Priestly Purity – Steve Weidenkopf, Catholic Answers Magazine
What do Google, Navy SEALs, & Catholic Church Have in Common? – C. Gress Ph.D., Rg
Forming Scholars of Native American Liturgical ‘Uses’ – Claudio Salvucci, Lit Arts Jrnl
Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters? – Stephen Edwards, Strange Notions
New Book on Catholic Fundraising: Pray, Pray, Pray, Ask – Brice Sokolowski
Christianity & Freemasonry: An Impossible Equation? – Agnès Pinard Legry, Aleteia
Here’s What’s Wrong with Saying “Fetus” – John Ferrer, Life News
Christianity: The Last Hope for Europe – Viktor Orbán, The Imaginative. . .
The Hidden Costs of IVF: Heartbreak, Health Risks, & Helplessness – Nao. Whittaker
Do You Know the Saints Mentioned in the Roman Canon? – Chloe Langr, epicPew
How 600 Nuns are Helping to Cure Alzheimer’s – Cerith Gardiner, Aleteia
Why the Poor Need More Than Free Markets – Elise Daniel, Institute for Faith, Work. . .
Ancient Roman Boxing Gloves Unearthed by Vindolanda Dig – BBC News
Vatican Can’t Ignore China’s Religious Persecution, Human Rights Abuses – G.T. Mundy
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