Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia (Credit: Paul Haring of Catholic News Service)

Things To Come: Faith, State, & Society in a New World

. . .“There are no new paradigms; no new hermeneutical principles; no revolutions in thought; & no possible concordats with the world & its alibis, that can the erase the radicalism & liberating beauty of Christian anthropology”. . .

by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.,

via The Catholic World Report

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German Bishops Allow Communion for Protestant Spouses in ‘Some Cases’ – E. Pentin
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New Book on Catholic Fundraising: Pray, Pray, Pray, Ask – Brice Sokolowski
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How Black Catholic Nuns Rewrote the American Story – Dia. B. Morrow, Catholic Philly
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The Ostrich Defense of Abortion – Christopher Kaczor Ph.D., Public Discourse
Texas Bishops Support Catholic Charities in Wake of Gay Adoption Lawsuit – CNA/CWR
My First Conversion – Eric Sammons, Swimming Upstream
Intelligent Piety: The Christian Humanism of Flannery O’Connor – Bra. J. Birzer Ph.D.
It’s the Market – Not Socialism – that Fosters Solidarity – George Maggs, CapX
Premonition of Calvary: 2nd Sunday of Lent Readings Explained – John Bergsma Ph.D.
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