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Video: Father Gerald Murray & Professor Robert Royal on Father Anthony Spadaro’s Talk at Georgetown University

The other day my friend Fr. Gerald Murray and Prof. Robert Royal were on The World Over offering some analysis of present issues.  I think you will find it useful. They get into it near the 5:00 mark.

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

There is a Major Hole in Church’s Current Argument on Immigration – Mic. Davis, CH
How a Beloved NYC Priest Saved Mickey Rourke’s Life – Isabel Vincent, New York Post
The End of the Progressives – Carlos Caso-Rosendi
Cardinal Cupich’s Modernist View of the Family – R. Jared Staudt, Crisis Magazine
State Islam in France – Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal
Reclaiming Parental Rights as Building Blocks to a Healthy Society – Art. Goldberg, PD
How to Correctly Run a Lent Appeal – Brice Sokolowski,
How to Pore Over the Entire Bible in 365 Days – Elisabeth Deffner, NC Register
The Vatican Gap between Theory & Practice – CNA via The Catholic World Report

Pope Francis, the Pastoral Criterion of Reform – Andrea Gagliarducci, Monday Vatican
Pope Francis Is Playacting Realpolitik with China – George Weigel, Foreign Policy
From North Korea to Catholicism: Mi Jin’s Answered Prayer – CNA via The CWR
Revival of Sex Abuse Commission Comes Amid Growing Criticism – N. Winfield, AP/CH
How Capitalism Enables Christians to Promote Flourishing – Zach Kim, IfFW&E
Bishop Sherrington Speaks Out Against Abortion Clinic ‘Buffer Zones’ – Catholic Herald

Politics as a ‘Vocation’ – Laura DeMaria, Catholic Stand

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