Gay Nazi Flag (Credit: Fr. Z’s Blog)

Efforts to “Queer” the Church

. . .for a while now, some theologian friends and I have watched with a measure of distaste and concern a “queering of theology”.

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

James Martin Promotes Iconographer of “Gay Saints” – Joseph Sciambra
According to Bible, This Is Where Battle of Armageddon Will Happen – Billy Ryan, uCth
John Mahoney, Maybe His Catholic Faith was Relevant in Obits? – T. Mattingly, Get Rlgn
Soup Dinner & No Dessert? St. Valentine’s Day Ash Wednesday-Style – Car. Zimmerman
Lady Bird: A Love Letter to Catholic Schools – John Zmirak Ph.D., The Stream
Help Improve, Fill Out a 4 Minute Anonymous Survey – Big Pulpit
Why Legacies are Brilliant for Charities & How to Get Them – Brice Sokolowski

How Magazines Like Seventeen Get Away w/Oversexed Propaganda – Holly Scheer
Betsy DeVos: ‘Common Core is Dead’ – Kyle Perisic, The Stream
Vatican Official says Humanae Vitae Commission is Real – Matthew C. Hoffman, LSN

Is Latin America Still Catholic? – Andrew Chestnut, Catholic Herald
Irish Priest Asks for Back-Up as Demand for Exorcisms Rises Exponentially – CNA/CWR
Alt-Right Identitarianism, Violence & Intellectual Roots of Western Civ. – Jordan Wales
New Gerber Baby is a Little Boy With Down Syndrome – Wesley J. Smith J.D., Life News
Former Vatican Bank Officials Ordered to Pay Damages Over Mismanagement – CNS/CH
Despite Trump Pledges, Syrian Says U.S. Help for Christians Not Yet Visible’ – Crux

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