Screen Shot of Carlo Cardinal Caffarra (Credit: NCRegister)

Major Conference Planned on Divisions in Church, Papal Infallibility

by Edward Pentin,

of the National Catholic Register

The Unorthodox Nuns Who Taught Meghan Markle – Cha. A. Coulombe, Catholic Herald
What has the BBC Done to Father Brown? – Michael Davis, Catholic Herald
We Cannot Save Catholic Institutions – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Liberalism is the Child of Christianity, So Why Are Catholics Turning Against It – Zmirak
Popes Can Err – So Can Conclaves – Shane Schaetzel, Catholic in the Ozarks
How to Deal with Secular & Catholic Left Intolerance – Stephen M. Krason Ph.D., Crisis
Missile Alert Prompts Hawaii Bishop to Give Rare ‘General Absolution’ – CNS via CH
Hawaii Missile-Scare Fills Churches, Sends Confession Lines Out the Door – L. Bourne
Would Anything Prevent Priest f/Using the Traditional Formula of Absolution – Fr. Z

Learning from Our Lord Through Anxiety – Jim Dougherty, Catholic Stand
Book Offer – Ben Butera, The American Catholic
Civilization & Its Enemies – Paul Krause, Crisis Magazine
Pro-Life Canadians Concerned by Trudeau’s Abortion Ideology Litmus Test – Rezac, Rg
Connected for Life in 2018: March for Life’s Digital Media Reach – P. Jesserer Smith, Rg
Preparing for Lent & a Year of Spiritual Progress – D. Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Survey: Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Limits on Abortion – CNA/EWTN News
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