Eucharistic Adoration (Credit: Screen Shot via Catholic Herald)

How the Eucharist Helps the Lonely & the Desperate

by Eve Tushnet,

of The Catholic Herald

UK Refuses to Say Whether Proclaiming Divinity of Christ is a Hate Crime – The CH
Catholic of the Year: A Generous Man in a Mean World – The Catholic Herald
Would Jesus Recognize Catholic Worship? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Eric Metaxas Show: My Rock-Journalism, Conversion & Part II – Dawn Eden Goldstein
On the Failure of Homiletics – Deacon James H. Toner, Crisis Magazine
How Influential is Poland’s Catholic Church? – Ben Sixsmith, The Catholic Herald
Argument from Pascal’s Wager – Peter Kreeft Ph.D., Integrated Catholic Life™
Did the Old Testament Really Prophesize the Birth of Jesus? – Billy Ryan, uCatholic
Church in Poland Starts English Twitter Acct. to Counter EU Hate – N. Hallett, The CH
The Spiritual Roots of Working Class Woes – Kenneth Colston, Crisis Magazine
Worried About Your Rebellious Teenager? Here’s Your Patron Saint – Ph. Kosloski, Alet.
An Aristocratic “Option” Inspired by St. Wenceslaus – Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine
Confronting Heresy of Activism w/the Primacy of Prayer – P.A. Kwasniewski Ph.D., NLM
The Biblical Roots of the Liturgy – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission
Balancing Humility & Ambition for the Inner Ring – K.E. Colombini, Crisis Magazine
Political “Science” – in Good Faith – James H. Toner, The Catholic Thing

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