Rural America Road (Credit: 1964)

The Most Catholic Place in America

by Mark M. Gray, Ph.D.,

of 1964

Canonist Ed Peters Performs an Autopsy – Fr. Z’s Blog
Millennials & Chapel Veils – Fr. Z’s Blog
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The Costs of Following a “Nice” God – Leslie Fain, The Catholic World Report
OH School Says No to Transgenders Using Wrong Bathrooms – G. Carr, The Strm
Some Remarks on the de Mattei Interview – Edward N. Peters J.C.D. J.D., In the. . .
The Morality of Having Children – Marcus Roberts, Mercatornet
In the Pronoun Wars, Be Thankful for the Founding Fathers – J. Stepman, The Strm
The Influence of Benedict XVI on Cardinals Müller & Sarah – Paul Senz, The CWR
Manion on By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed – Edward Feser Ph.D.
How Priests Helped Build & Can Help Rebuild Western Civilization – Fr. Z’s Blog
Relics of St. Francis Xavier to Go On Tour In. . . – Fr. Z’s Blog
Review: The 2018 Angelus Press Liturgical Calendar – Adfero, Rorate Cæli
Notitiae – Available Online! – Matthew Hazell, New Liturgical Movement
Support Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest Seminarians – Rorate Cæli
“Human Rights are Strongly Tied to Nuclear Disarmament” – Giacomo Galeazzi, VI
For the VVEDNESDAY CATHOLICA EXTRA (13 December AD 2017) click here.

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