Muslim Conversions to Christianity (Credit: Asia News)

The Future Isn’t Over Yet: Christianity Overwhelming Islam In Conversions

by David Warren,

of Essays in Idleness

Young Catholics Divided on Identity & Massimo Faggioli Goes Hebephrenic – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Truth Behind ‘Transgender’ Deaths – Trevor Thomas, LifeSiteNews
Pope John Paul II’s Frightful Vision of a Muslim Europe – John Zmirak Ph.D., The Strm
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Announce May 2018 Wedding – Joanna Bogle, NC Rgstr
The Fiery Pit of Gehenna That Jesus Warns (& Is!) a Real Place – Billy Ryan, uCatholic
In Defense Of Regal Popes – Dan Hitchens, First Things
New Year, Old Calendar – Kenneth J. Wolfe, Rorate Cæli
Jewry & Eschatology – Fr. John Hunwicke, Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment
DC Transit Rejects Christmas Ad Because It “Promotes Religion” – Zel. Caldwell, Alet.
Pope: Not Everything Technically Possible is Morally Acceptable – Elise Harris, CNA
The Holy Spirit for Our Times – Suellen Brewster, Catholic Stand
Card. Müller: I’m w/Pope, But, Those Complaining Should Be Heard – M. Franco, RC
St. Giuseppe Moscati & the Vocation of the Laity – K.V. Turley, The Dsptch via The CWR
South Korea’s Hidden Treasure: A Vibrant Catholic Church – Victor Gaetan, NC Register
Sisters of Mary Get Us Into the Christmas Spirit with New Album – J-P Mauro, Aleteia

What the Church Really Teaches about Nuclear War – Gagliarducci & Brockhaus, CNA

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