Notre Dame, Amiens, France, a Gargouille (Credit: Wikipedia via The Catholic World Report)

London Exorcist: All of Society Subject to a Demonic Deception

by K.V. Turley,

of The Catholic World Report

Quæritur: Too Much Precious Blood Consecrated, Who Should Consume? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Why Do Secularists Dislike Nature of Women So Much – Elise Ehrhard, Crisis Magazine
NBC News: Having Kids is ‘Indulgence’ That’s Bad For The Earth – Matthew Balan, LN
The Injustice of Social Justice – Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine
Our Profound Ignorance of the Crimes of Communism – Paul G. Kengor Ph.D., The CWR
Nun Killed in Backlash Over Regensburg Declared a Martyr – Inés San Martín, Crux
14th Annual Walk for Life West Coast Announces Speakers – Rose Trabbic, Life News
St. Charles Borromeo & the Power of Relics – Shaun McAfee, Catholic Answers Magazine
Cesium the Day! – Stacy A. Trasancos Ph.D., The Catholic Thing
Pope Francis: It Makes Me Sad to See People Using Phones at Mass – CNS via CH
Does Catholic Political Idealism Make Sense? – James Kalb J.D., The Cthlc World Report

Catholic Univs. Study How to Respond to Migrant, Refugee Crisis – CNA via The CWR
The Aims of the New U.S. Bishops’ Child Protection Program – CNA via The CWR
Chinese Officials Pay Poor Christians to Swap Crosses for Portraits of Xi – CNS via CH

Aquinas on Virtue & Catholic Homeschooling – John Clark, Seton Magazine
If Vatican & North Korea Talk, Will Christians Be on Agenda? – John L. Allen Jr., Crux

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