The Original Modernist Design of the Sanctuary (Credit: Vox Cantoris)

Traditional Latin Mass Movement in Peril in the Diocese of Tulsa

by Laramie Hirsch,

of Vox Cantoris

The Oldest Known Copy of the Our Father – Billy Ryan, uCatholic
3-Dimensional Wooden Crucifix Icon by Francis Koerber – Pt. A. Kwasniewski Ph.D., NLM
New Sacred Music: Recordings and Remarks – Peter A. Kwasniewski Ph.D., New Lit Mov
Seven Ways that the Catholic Church is Catholic – Stephen Beale, Catholic Exchange
Liturgy and Anthropology – Body, Soul, and Spirit – David Clayton, Claritas
The Story Behind “The Mass of Saint Basil” Painting – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
St. Nicholas Feast Day Upgraded in Italy – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
Now More Than Ever: Blessed Karl of Austria – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy
Liturgy, Authority, and Postmodernity – Dom Alcuin Reid, The Catholic World Report
Tag Yourself: Church Architecture Edition – Rick Yoder, The Amish Catholic
Santa Maria Antiqua in the Roman Forum – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
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