Fr. Thomas Cranmer by Gerlach Flicke (Photo Credit: Public Domain via National Catholic Register)

How England Became Protestant

by Father Dwight Longenecker,

of the National Catholic Register

Cardinal Burke’s Smashing Buckfast Abbey Talk on Message of Fatima – Fr. Z’s Blog
Gunpowder Is Violent, But That’s How England Treated Catholics – Fr. Lucie-Smith, CH
Churches Merge, Close: We No Longer Live in Christendom – Jon. M. Pitts, The Balt. Sun
So What Did I Put Off Being an Anglican to Become Catholic? – Deborah Gyapong, ACSB
Who Are We?  Anglicans?  Ordinariaites?  Anglo-Catholics? . . . – Deborah Gyapong, ACSB
The Vicar on the Anglican Ordinariate – Fr. Humphrey Blytherington via Fr. Dwight. . .
Pope to Methodists: Reconciliation is More Than Talk, Needs Action – H. Brockhaus, CNA
Bishop Praises Anglican Ordinariate & Our Anglican Liturgy – Christopher Mahon, ACSB
Is There a Statistician in the (Catholic) House? – Fr. H. Somerville-Knapman O.S.B., Dma
Cardinal Newman’s Rules for Blogging – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Book Review, Great Christian Jurists in English History – Stephen F. Copp, Trnstlntc Blg

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