Catechism Lesson A.D. 1890 (Photo Credit: Fr. Zs Blog)

Cri de Coeur: What Recourse Do We Laypeople Have?

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Fr. Rutler Sets Me Straight About the Altar of Sacrifice – Roseanne Sullivan, Catholic Pun. . .
Can Catholic Couples Choose Childlessness? – Patti Maguire Armstrong, OSV Newsweekly
Asst. Pastor Quæritur: If Pastor Won’t Speak to Adulterous Couples Receiving Communion – Z
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Retired Abp. Fiorenza of Houston Endorse Fr. Jms. Martin’s Pro-Gay Book – Lisa Bourne, LS
The Heraldry for the New Bishop of Juneau, Andrew Bellisario – Fr. Guy Selvester, Exrndrm
Gift of the Holy Spirit & the Divine Indwelling – Kristin Aebli, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Taking Back Sundays for the Sake of “Holy Leisure” – Jean Elizabeth Seah, Aleteia
Quæritur: Latin Misspelling? “Eundem” or “Eumdem”? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Priest Who Signed Filial Correction: It was ‘the Catholic Thing To Do’ – Diane Montagna, LS
Excluding People with Disabilities Makes Church ‘Incomplete’ – CNA via The CWR
Of Memory, Metanoia, and Manslaughter – Rick Becker, God-Haunted Lunatic
Heraldry of Retired Bp. Jn. W. Flesey of Newark, New Jersey – Fr. Guy Selvester, Exrndrm

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