Rock Concert (Photo Credit: Gallery Hip)

The Sexual Predator’s Everyone Still Worships

by Matthew Walther,

of The Week

I Guess They Don’t Teach History at UW Madison – Don. R. McClarey J.D., TACatholic
‘No Science’ Behind Transgender Therapy for Kids, Doctors Warn – CNA via CWR
Canada Euthanizes Thousands of Patients to Save Money – Mark Pickup, Life News
Fools or Scoundrels? A Response to Patrick Deneen – Robert R. Reilly, Pub Dis
NFL Players’ Union Four-Square for Disrespecting America – Larry Thornberry, Am Spect
Boy Scouts are Latest Victims in Culture War – Stephen Kruiser, The Amrcn Spectator
Union Dues and the “Free Rider” Problem – Gary Galles, Mises Institute
New Book Describes an Atheist’s Vision of the Future & godhood – Russell Shaw, CWR
Please Quit Calling Workforce Gender Gap Motherhood Penalty – Ver. Winkels, M-net
An Absurd Fate: What Happens to Abandoned Embryos? – Jennifer Lahl, Public Dscrs
Mania to Achieve Racial/Gender Equity Will Hurt US Competitiveness – MacDonald, CJ
Can the U.S. Political Parties Survive? – Thomas B. Edsall & Henry Olsen, City Journal
Capitalism, Conservatives & Intellectuals: Reply to Mt. McManus – Sm. Gregg D.Phil., PD
Prayers for Somalia, as Country Suffers Deadliest Terrorist Attack – CNA via NC Rgstr
Harvesting Human Eggs & Informed Consent Legislation – Joe Kral, Truth & Chrty Forum
Stem Cells f/Umbilical Cords Show Promise in Repairing Heart Damage – Andrusko, LN

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