Middle East Cross and Crescent Silhouette (Photo Credit: Crux Stock Image)

Middle East’s Well-kept Secret Revealed when Jihad Met the Virgin

by John L. Allen, Jr.,

of Crux

A Glimpse of Satan’s Playbook – Allison Low, Catholic Stand
Cardinal Müller: Orthodox Theologians Should Not be Punished – Dan Hitchens, Cthlc Herald
Is No One Is Condemned Forever Perversely Compassionate – G. McClung Ph.D., TACatholic
The Pope’s Remarks on Capital Punishment Need to be Clarified – Edward Feser Ph.D., CH
In India, Schoolkids Say Virgin Mary Appeared Amid Scent of Jasmine – CNA via The CWR
Cardinal Sarah: Holy See has the Last Word on Liturgical Translations – Fr. Z’s Blog
Gather a Community before You Gather Donors – Brice Sokolowski, Catholic Fundraiser
A Divine Wedding, Justice, and Hell – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
The Three Pitfalls of Arguing Online – Trent Horn, Catholic Answers Magazine
Grandmother Prays Rosary, House Survived Napa Fires – Eric Ting, San Francisco Gate
The Fallacy of Placing Faith in Science Rather than in God – Michele Boyer, Catholic Stand
Vatican: Canada Didn’t Seek Extradition for Diplomat Wanted on Child Pornography – CNS
Say Yes: Religious Vocations and ‘Giving God Permission’ – Kathryn Jean Lopez, The Stream
Book Pick: Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay – John M. Grondelski, National Catholic Register
O Immaculata: St. Maximilian’s Marian Militia Turns 100 – Joseph Pronechen, NC Register
Understanding Holy Spirit Thru Life of Mary – Fr. Nicholas Blackwell O. Carm., Cthlc Stand
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