(Photo Credit: Screenshot from The Federalist)

Sirens Already Hinting Our Culture Wars Will End In Another Civil War

by John Daniel Davidson,

of the Federalist

White is the New ‘N’ Word – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Video Catches NY Times Admitting It “Always” Slants Stories Against Trump – S. Whitlock, LN
AP Omitted Expert Quotes That Didn’t Fit Narrative on Global Warming – M. Bastasch, Strm
Football’s Decline has Some High Schools Disbanding Teams – Ben Nuckols, Associated Press
The Australia Model for Gun Control is Useless – Corey Iacono, The Stream
Russia: The Real Story – Irina Tsukerman, The American Spectator
Why Did Twitter Reject This Pro-life Ad? – Adelaide Mena, Catholic News Agency
Entertainers Hypocritical in Political Attacks, so Long as Targets are Safe – B. McManus, CJ
The Curse of Victimization – Dudley Hall, The Stream
Forever Young? – Joseph Kremers, The Catholic World Report
Criticising Theresa May for Choking Fit Isn’t Punditry; Just Plain Nastiness – L. Caldecott, CH
Amy Barrett, Augustine & the Relationship between Religion & Politics – Brian Jones, Pub Dis
Social Transformation & Market Economy: Reply to Samuel Gregg – Mt. McManus Ph.D., PD
Americans Deepest in Poverty Lost More Ground in 2016 – Kristen Bialik, Pew Research
Race Relations are Improved by Free Markets, Not Collectivist Politics – Rch. M. Ebeling, FEE

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