Fr. Joseph Illo, pastoral administrator of Star of the Sea Parish in San Francisco (Photo Credit: Catholic News Service/Valerie Schmalz via Catholic San Francisco)

How the Eucharist Revived Our Parish

by Father Joseph Illo

of Catholic Herald

How to Destroy Catholicism in America – David Carlin, The Catholic Thing
Homosexualists “We’re Going to Punish the Wicked” – Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine
Fr. James Martin Promotes the Rainbow-color Queer-Christ – Joseph Sciambra
Scientific American Magzine Regurgitates Ancient Anti-Catholicism – The American Catholic
The Lesson on Self-Sacrifice I Learned From a Seed my Father Planted – Michael Cretaro, CS
Jacinta and Francisco’s ‘Graces’ – Joseph Pronechen, National Catholic Register
How to Perfect Your ‘Thank You’ in Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski,
Are “Cyber Wars” Tearing the Church Apart?  – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Why the Rosary Works Wonders in Youth Ministry – Fr. Matthew Pittam, Catholic Herald
A Corrective to Buttiglione’s Recent Assertions on Canon Law – E. Peters J.C.D. J.D., CWR
Fastiggi & Goldstein vs. Shaw: Responses – Rorate Cæli
Catholic Justice: When the Church Should Not Defer to the State – Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D., CC
Salve Regina, Hermann the Cripple & Christopher Columbus – D. McClarey J.D., TACatholic
Boston College Amoris Lætitia Agitprop Workshop and Schrödinger’s Cat – Fr. Z’s Blog
Pope: Church Can Be Leading Voice for Protecting Youth Online – Elise Harris, CNA via NCRg
Black Lives Really Mattered to St. Peter Claver – Fr. John A. Perricone, Crisis Magazine
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