Blind to the Truth (Photo Credit: Leadership Freak)

When Ideology is Blind to Truth

by Darwin

of DarwinCatholic

After 15 Years Man Emerges from ‘Permanent Vegetative State’ – Fr. Z’s Blog
America’s STD Epidemic Should Be Much Bigger News – Samuel Bentz, The Federalist
The GOP Bubble – Pete Spiliakos, First Things
Sunrise, Sunset–Circadian Rhythms and a Nobel Prize – Bob Kurland Ph.D., TACatholic
Former Planned Parenthood Director: In All My Years Not One Adoption – Lauretta Brown, LN
India’s Ability to Subdue China May Be a One-Time ‘Win’ – Ian Armstrong, The Natl Interest
The Black Heart of Man – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
The Las Vegas Massacre – How Do We Cope – Gary Zimak, Catholic Exchange
5 Reasons Why a 2nd Korean War Won’t Be Like the First (& Much Worse) – Michael Peck, TNI
Mixed Response to Kerala Catholic’s Addition to India’s Hindu Nationalist Govt – A. Akkara, Rg
Ironies, Twists & Turns in the Australian SSM Campaign – Wanda Skowronska, Crisis Mgzn
Canada Moves Closer to Euthanizing People With Alzheimer’s or Dementia – Aubert Martin, LN
Pork Chop Hill: When America and China Went to War in Korea – The National Interest
China Is Massively Expanding Its Cyber Capabilities – Zi Yang, The National Interest
Iran Wants America to Ignore Its Nuclear Ambitions – Emily B. Landau, The National Interest
Can Patriotism and Protest Coexist in Professional Sports? – Thomas J. Nash, The CWR

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