Hierarchy of Angels Infographic (Photo Credit: ChurchPop)

The Hidden Hierarchy of Angels, Explained In One Infographic

of ChurchPop

Polish Bishops Urge 1 Million Poles Pray Rosary in Honor of Historic Defeat of Islam – Fr. Z
Further Dubia for the Confused – Fr. Basil Cole O.P., Homiletic & Pastoral Review
Bishop Gracida & Fr. Andrew Pinsent: Why We Signed the Filial Correction – Catholic Herald
Grab Your Rosaries & Candles for This Fatima Event – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Cthlc Lane
Pittsburgh Diocese Reorganizes Parishes for Future Evangelization – Peter J. Smith, NC Rgstr
A Note from CNA’s Executive Director on the ‘Filial Correction’ – CNA Dly Nws via The CWR
Stop Screaming ‘Please Donate’ Because People are Not Listening – B. Sokolowski, Cth Fund.
Review: ‘Why I Am Catholic’ is Convincing & Convicting – Fr. Mat. Schneider L.C., Aleteia
Do You Know Why Catholics Call Mary ‘Stella Maris’? – Theresa Williams, epicPew
What Does it Mean to Say That Jesus “Became Sin”? – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery
A Short History of Buddhist Violence Against Christians – Angelo Stagnaro, NC Register
Even Monks have to Eat: Enterprise Meets the Vow of Poverty – Lindsey Wilbur, Trnstlntc Blg
Mystical Union Is Not a Fairytale — It’s Child’s Play – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
New Boys’ Choir CD Explores Rich Music of Mary – Mary Rezac, Catholic News Agency
How the US Church is ‘Sharing the Journey’ with Immigrants – CNA Daily News via The CWR
Pope Francis: Charity is the Soul of the Church’s Mission – Han. Brockhaus, CNA/EWTN Nws
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