What Catholics Lost When They Started Tearing Down Their Great Altars

by Dominic Lynch

of The Federalist

The Crisis of Priestly Vocations: Good Advice from a Smart Priest – Fr. Z’s Blog
It’s Time For Political Incorrectness – Tom Collingwood, Catholic Stand
A Cardinal’s Implausible Defense of Amoris Lætitia – Richard A. Spinello, Crisis Magazine
Suffer from Anxiety, Need to Know Most Repeated Advice in the Bible – Patty Knap, Aleteia
Tradition & Vocations: Interview with Fr. Robert Pasley of Mater Ecclesiae – B. Williams, LG
Are Catholic Converts Too Conservative, Talkative & Neurotic? – Carl E. Olson, NC Register
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Catholic Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski, Cthlc Fundraiser
Investitures & Professions of 8 Benedictine Sisters in Missouri – P.A. Kwasniewski Ph.D., NLM
Catholic Owner Opens Furniture Stores to Hurricane Harvey Homeless in Houston – ChrchPp
Masses Halted but Small Miracles Continue in Flooded Texas Parish – Jim Graves, NC Register
Age of Statue-smashing, Catholics Must Defend Sacred Images – Fr. A. Lucie-Smith Ph.D., CH
Cornhusker for Christ: Making the Catholic Case in Downtown Lincoln – Brian Fraga, NC Rgstr
EWTN Launches Studio Near Walsingham Shrine in England – Elise Harris, CNA via NC Rgstr
Of Cell Phones, Sanctity & Cervical Spines: A Marian Range of Motion – Rick Becker, NC Rgstr
The Cost of Discipleship: 22nd Sun. Reading Explained in Ord. Time – Jn. Bergsma Ph.D., TSP
In Harvey’s Wake, All Hands On Deck – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia
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