Reason, Faith & the Struggle for Western Civilization

by Samuel Gregg, D.Phil.

of Public Discourse

Why Did Virginia’s Leadership Order Police & Natl Guard to Stand Down? – R. McManus, CJ
Comicsgate – John C. Wright, Sci Fi Wright
Diversity! Update (Now With More Diversity) – William M. Briggs Ph.D., Statistician to. . .
Who Knows What Microaggression Lurks in the Hearts of Persons? – John C. Wright, Sci. . .
In Defense of Elizabeth Harman: Taking Pro-Choice Philosophers Seriously – S. Girgis J.D., PD
The Hypocrisy of the Modern World – Nicholas Senz, Crisis Magazine
US Life Expectancy Declines First Time Since ’30 Due to Suicide – John Stonestreet, Life Nws
South Korean Babies are Becoming Rarer – Marcus Roberts, Mercatornet
1,200-year-old Byzantine Wine Press Found in Israeli Desert – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
Can No. Korea Attack US Right Now with a Nuclear Weapon? – Dave Majumdar, The Natl Int
Marie Stopes Abortion Clinic Sends 11 Women to the Hospital in 3 Months – SPUC via Life Nws
We Need to Denounce Violence Without Tarring All GOP or Dems – The Federalist
Planned Parenthood-Run Sex-Ed Pgms Trump Defunded are Ineffective – Mch. New Ph.D., LN
MLK’s Niece: Abortion is Racism & Takes Away Civil Rights of Unborn Babies – S. Ertelt, LN
US Bishops Condemn Racism after White Supremacist Rally in Charlottesville – CNA via NCReg
White Supremacists Won’t Tear US Apart; We’re Better Than This – Sen. Ted Cruz J.D., Strm
For the THVRSDAY SÆCVLARIA EDITION (17 August AD 2017) click here.
For the THVRSDAY CATHOLICA EDITION (17 August AD 2017) click here.

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