(Photo Credit: CNS illustration/Mike Crupi, Catholic Courier)

Why Catholics are Politically Homeless

by Matthew Walther

of The Week

Big Corporations Pressure Texas to Push Perversion – Jeremy Wallace & Mike Ward, Chron
Why Do Progressives Show So Much Animosity to the West? – Joseph Pearce, The Imagina. . .
World War II was also a Religious War for the British – Michael Snape, The Catholic Thing
Getting the Middle Ages Right: The Plight of the English Worker – John Horvat II, TIC
The Heart-Rending Dilemmas of an Atheist Brain Surgeon – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald
The Rolling Revolution in Sex and Gender: A History – Scott Yenor Ph.D., Public Discourse
The Tommy Curry Situation – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Contraceptive Access & Declining Teen Birth Rates: Unproven Link – Kth. Fenton M.D., PD
Venezuela’s Unprecedented Collapse – Ricardo Hausmann, Project Syndicate
Boris Johnson: Three Cheers for the Anglosphere – Richard Alston, the interpreter
When Literature & Film Partner: Graham Greene’s The Third Man at 65 – Kevin T. DiCamillo
Tatarstan, the Last Region to Lose Its Special Status Under Putin – Lena Smirnova, Mscw Tms
The Classicist: The Forgotten Virtues Of Physical Labor – Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Inst.
Ondine’s Curse: If This Boy Falls Asleep, He’ll Stop Breathing – Sophia Swinford, Aleteia
The Charlie Gard Case Portends a Frightening Future – Stephen M. Krason Ph.D., Crisis
Free Markets and Unicorns – Andrew Strain, First Things

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