What Planning My Straight Wedding Showed Me About LGBT Discrimination

by Anna Anderson

of The Federalist

Why Moms Like Me are Pulling Their Daughters Out of Dance Class – Calah Alexander, Aleteia
‘The Cold Biological Truth is That Sex Changes are Impossible’ – Carolyn Moynihan, Mrctrnt
Court Declares Child Should Die Rather Than Receive Privately-Funded Health Care – Mises
Gender Revolution: Katie Couric Earns Her Ph.D. in Propaganda – Tom Gilson, The Stream
CNN’s Latest Retraction Is Just The Tip Of The Fake News Iceberg – Mollie Hemingway
He was Considered Patron Saint of Euthanasia, Now He’s Having Second Thoughts – B. Mattes
Why Socialism Would be Disastrous for Millennials – Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner
How Trauma in Childhood can Give Us Lifelong Chronic Illness – Calah Alexander, Aleteia
Families with Stay-at-Home Moms Pay 5-Times More Taxes in this Nation – Rev. Ben Johnson
Caesar Signals Thumbs Down on Charlie Gard – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The Amrcn Catholic
Did Obamacare Really Save Lives? – Robert P. Murphy, Mises Institute
Pelosi: Funding Planned Parenthood “Respects the Dignity & Worth of Every Person” – S. Ertelt
The Republican Health Plan: Good, Bad, and Ugly – Joel Zinberg, City Journal
We’re Seeing Massive Reductions in Global Poverty – Charles Hughes, Foundation for. . .
New Minimum Wage Study Gives Proponents to Think Better of Those Who Disagree – M. Ham
Placebo Studies Show that Love can Heal the Body – Anna O’Neil, Aleteia

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