Zoey Tur, daughter of Katy Tur, her transexual father. (Photo Credit: The Federalist)

Katy Tur’s Trans Father Attacked Her On Social Media, And It Was Revealing

by Rivka Edelman

of The Federalist

The Transgender Agenda vs. the Science – Rick Fitzgibbons M.D., The Catholic Thing
The Muggle Problem – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
The Carnage of Divorce – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission
Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg, but Facebook can Never be a Substitute for the Church – Fr. D. Palmer
The Southern Poverty Law Center Bears False Witness – Samuel D. James, First Things
Senate Plan Means 22 Million Uninsured? An Honest Look at That Number – Ryan Ellis, Cth Vot
Tucker Carlson Interviews Lila Rose about Twitter Bias to Planned Parenthood – Fr. Z’s Blog
Pro-Life Legal Group Sues Guidestar For Calling It a “Hate Group” – Steven Ertelt, Life News
Hagia Sophia Evolving Into Mosque? The L.A. Times Omits Crucial Christian Voices – Julia Duin
A BBC Investigation Found Fecal Bacteria in Iced Drinks from Starbucks – Alison Millington, BI
UK Parents Lose Final Appeal to Keep Baby Alive for Treatment – Catholic News Agency
On the Call to End Conscientious Objection in Medicine – Mch. D. Stark M.D. & Grace Stark
Creating a Tax Code that Values Stay-at-Home Mothers – Arnold Huijgen, Acton Institute
A Letter From Venezuela – David Clayton, Beauty of Catholicism
Vocational Ed, Reborn – Steven Malanga, City Journal
Leading Muslim Power, Turkey, Bans Teaching of Evolution – James Williams, The Cnvrstn

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