The Catch-22 of Christian Witness by Those who are Same-Sex Attracted

by Jeffrey A. Mirus, Ph.D.,

of Catholic Culture

Jesuits like Fr. James Martin Should Learn from Africa – Stephen Herreid, Catholic Vote
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A Medieval Anomaly – Alison Hudson, Medieval manuscripts blog
Georgia Tech Punter Drops Football for the Priesthood – Trent Beattie, Natl Catholic Register
The Galician “Holy Grail”: A Eucharistic Miracle on the Camino de Santiago
– Daniel Esparza
Dialogue with an Atheist on Bible Difficulties & Plausibility Structures – Dave Armstrong
Four Starting Points for a Well-Formed Laity – Joannie Watson, Integrated Catholic Life™
Why are There Anchors in Christian Art? – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Bocelli Sings “The Lord’s Prayer” – J-P Muno, Aleteia
How God Works with Our Humanity to Bring about Holiness; Podcast – Dan Burke, CSD
How Faith Relates to Hope and Charity – Fr. Maurice Emelu, Catholic Exchange
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