Riccardo Cascioli, director of ‘La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana’, speaking at the April 22nd conference. (Photo Credit: Edward Pentin)

Lay Scholars Highlight Problems With ‘Amoris Lætitia’, Crisis in the Church

by Edward Pentin,

of the National Catholic Register

What Catholics Can Learn About Islam from a Former Muslim – William Kilpatrick, Crisis Mgzn
Florida: Diocese of Orlando Reprimands Teacher for Quoting Saint on Islam – Robert Spencer
The Death of Grammar & The End of Education – Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg, TIC
Why Are Many of Great Books of 20th Century by People Who Killed Themselves – J. Van Maren
If Bill O’Reilly Followed Mike Pence’s Rules On Women, He Might Still Be On TV – Jessica Burke
France’s Final Choice: Le Pen or Vichy Sharia – John Zmirak Ph.D., The Stream
Paterson: A Film to Remember – William Doino Jr., First Things
Interview: Cardinal Müller on Medjugorje, Amoris Lætitia & Radical Islam – Konrad Sawicki
“Smoking Gun” Proving Ottoman Complicity in Armenian Genocide Claimed – John Burger
The International Monarchist League’s Fight To Save Endangered Royals – Tom Sykes, TDB
Will Blaine’s Descendants Finally Be Disinherited? – Mark David Hall, Library of Law & Liberty
Comparing Studies To See If Abortion Really Harms Women’s Mental Health – Grazie P. Christie
We Must Never Forget That Genocide Begins With Groupthink – Stella Morabito, The Fdrlst
Trading on the Female Body: Surrogacy, Exploitation & Collusion by US Govt – Kathleen Sloan
Why Mistreating Muslims can Backfire on Christians – George Yancey, The Stream
Secret Archives Show Vatican Tried to Stop Armenian Genocide – Diane Montagna, Aleteia
For the MONDAY NEWS EDITION (24 April, AD 2017) click here.
For the MONDAY EDITION (24 April, AD 2017) click here.
For the WEDNESDAY LATE NEWS EDITION (26 April, AD 2017) click here.
For the WEDNESDAY LATE EDITION (26 April, AD 2017) click here.

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