Healing the Wounds That Cause Homosexuality

by Jim Graves,

of the National Catholic Register

Crux Author Says Pope Francis Not Easily Labeled, But Then Labels Him Accurately – C.E. Olson
Numerous “Gay”-Affirming Parishes Unopposed by Bishops in U.S. – Joseph Sciambra, Life Site
Are Ordinary Catholics Too Frightened to Discuss Pope Francis? – Beverly Stevens, Regina
Evangelizing Young Adults Through Eucharistic Worship – Nicholas Wolfram Smith, The Reg
Ladies, Would You Rather Be Married to Mike Pence, or Anthony Weiner? – John Zmirak Ph.D.
LA Times Calls Daleiden Charges ‘Disturbingly Aggressive’ – Joan Frawley Desmond, NC Rgstr
Meet the “Rosary Priest” Who Enlisted Hollywood Stars on a Prayer Crusade – Philip Kosloski
Adventures in Philosophy at the Univ. of Notre Dame – Christopher Kaczor, The Cthlc Thing
An Editor’s Note on Crux’s ‘Independence Day’ – John L. Allen Jr., Crux
Charlie Daniels: “How About Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn?” – Kathy Schiffer, SoG
Why This Pro-life Congressman Opposed the Failed Health Care Bill – Matt Hadro, CNA
Nigeria: Church Worried about Systematic Elimination of Christians – Vatican Radio
How to Keep an Authentic Catholic Voice When Asking for Money – Brice Sokolowski, CF
Should the Federal Government be “Heartless, Soulless, and Cheap”? – Cynthia Millen, CS
How to Inspire Catholics and Get Donors – Brice Sokolowski,
Doctors Perform Heart Surgery On Baby Still Inside Womb To Remove Tumor – Stephanie Stahl

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