How I Changed My Mind about Pope Francis

by Matthew Schmitz,

of First Things

The Meaning of Papal Silence – Joseph Shaw, LMS Chairman
Letter in Support of 4 Cardinals from Catholic Academics & Pastors – Joseph Shaw, Rrt Cæli
Swiss Bishop: No Last Rites for Those Seeking Assisted Suicide – Catholic News Service via CH
‘Unbelievable’, Persecuted Christian Bishops Denied U.K. Visas – Catholic News Agency
11th Anniversary of Fr. Z’s Blog – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Christian Florist Fights for Religious Freedom at Washington State High Court – Dustin Siggins
Italian Monastery Seeks Salvation in Beer After Terrible Quake – Elisabetta Povoledo, NYTimes
Ten Reasons to Retain Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions – Michael J. DeBoer J.D.
It is Time We Think of Politics More Like Religion – Arthur E. Farnsley II
Doctors Warn Australian State Against Legalizing Euthanasia – Catholic News Agency
Profits and an ‘Economy of Mutuality’ – Tom Nelson D.Min., Inst. for Faith-Work-Economics
For THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION EDITION (8 December, AD 2016) click here.
For the THURSDAY EDITION (8 December, AD 2016) click here.

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