catholic-mass-or-protestant-serviceWas That a Catholic Mass or a Protestant Service?

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

via Fr. Z’s Blog

Reclaiming St. Escrivá for the New Liturgical Movement – Peter Kwasniewski Ph.D.
Unlocking the Mystery of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D., Cthlc Cltr
Ad Orientem and Absolutism – Charles Shonk, First Things
OK. City’s Archb. on Satanists, Vocations & a Unique Canonization Case – J. Graves
2 Acres & Cow: Our Back to the Land Adventure – Sam Guzman, The Cthlc Gentleman
A Defense of the Christian Teaching Against Contraception – Sherif Girgis J.D., Crisis
Our Lady Isn’t Emo! She’s Sorrowful – Theresa Williams, epicPew
The Consolation of Truth – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Perpetuating Padre Pio’s Mission – Joseph Pronechen, National Catholic Register
Portion of Road Renamed to Honor Mother Angelica – Catholic News Agency

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