Imminent Italian Bank Collapse Cartoonish Bus painted in Italian flag teetering on cliffItalian Banks: Italy’s Teetering Banks Will be Europe’s Next Crisis

via The Economist

Vote to Name the New Civilization Website – Tito Edwards, Big Pulpit
The Unlikely Origins of Russia’s Manifest Destiny – Charles Clover, Foreign Policy
Erdogan’s Final Agenda: Where Does Turkey Go from Here? – Uri Friedman, The Atlantic
In Venezuela’s Socialist Paradise, Workers Report To Labor Camps – Robert Tracinski, TF
The Grotesque in Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood – Julia Meloni, The Civilized Reader
NATO’s Looming Battles. . . With Itself – Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe
Only America Can Keep a China-India War from Erupting – McDaniel Wicker, The Natl Interest
William Shakespeare and the Socratic-Christian Heritage – L. Joseph Hebert, Public Discourse
Jerusalem of the East: The American Christians of Pyongyang, 1895-1942 – Robert S. Kim J.D.
The Minor Incident that Sparked the Peloponnesian War – Christopher Morrissey, TIC
Three Western Worries About Turkey – Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe
Going Hungry in Venezuela – Vladimir Hernandez, BBC News Magazine
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