FRIDAY EXTRA & Synod Update

Cardinal BurkeSynod on the Family Nightmare Scenario: Cardinal Burke on Devolution of Doctrine to Local Bishops and Conferences

via Fr. Z’s Blog


Synod Notes: Doubts About Devolution – Xavier Rynne II, Catholic Herald Magazine
Take Another Look at ‘The Cardinal’, a Forgotten Catholic Bestseller – Kevin Di Camillo
Cardinal Burke: ‘Yes, I’m a fundamentalist’ – Fr. Z’s Blog
Have Faith! The Catholic Church Can Never Teach Heresy – Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble
No, the Pope Can’t Order them to Stay, or Return to the Synod – Hilary White, One Ptr 5
California Crisis-Pregnancy Centers File Suit Against Bully Bill – Joan Frawley Desmond
‘And Ransom Captive Israel’: Readings for 29th Sunday of O. T. – Michael Barber Ph. D.
Quæritur: Trad’l Latin Mass Cancelled, Pastor & Bishop Won’t Respond; What To Do? – Z
Reacting to Professor Reid’s Over-Reaction – Ed Peters J.D. J.C.D., Canon Law Blog
How Technology has Changed the Way We Relate to One Another – Jessica Love
New Series of Dolls Could Help Young People Be Saints – Gretchen R. Crowe, O. S. V.
Giveaway: Mystic Monk Coffee & Wyoming Catholic Mug – David Rummelhoff, Epic Pew
Synod Update for Monday – Big Pulpit (October 19, 2015)
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