Ibn Khaldun Muslim Islamic PhilosopherThe Islamic Philosopher Every Catholic Should Know About

by Ed West

of Catholic Herald Magazine


15 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children – Katie Sciba, The Catholic Wife
Ten Reasons to Pray the Rosary – Father Ed Broom O. M. V., The Catholic Gentleman
The Traditional Latin Mass and the Active Participation of the Laity – John R. T. Lamont
Prayer That Pleases God – Daniel Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
The Four Mini-Gospels – Frank Rega, The Shield of Faith
The Family as Domestic Church: How She Hands on Faith – Liz Estler, Cthlc Sprtl Drctn
The Gift of St. John Chrysostom’s Eloquent Teaching – Constance T. Hull, Cthlc Exchng
Isn’t It Ironic? Grace in the Wages of Sin – Kent Lasnoski, Dappled Things
La Serenissima and Her Patriarch – Laura Giomini, Regina Magazine
Her Enduring Charm: Reading Jane Austen – Suzie Andres, The Civilized Reader
Speaking Truth – David Mills, Ethika Politika
Who Is Saint Januarius – Diana Von Glahn, Catholic Spiritual Direction
How Christian Relationships Create Authority – Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph. D., Catholic Culture
What Makes a Society Thrive? – James Stoner and Harold James, Public Discourse
Pope Francis, Aftershock – Big Pulpit (October 4, 2015)
Synod Update for Wednesday – Big Pulpit (October 7, 2015)
Second Synod Update for Wednesday – Big Pulpit (October 7, 2015)
Synod Update for Thursday – Big Pulpit (October 8, 2015)
Synod Update for Saturday – Big Pulpit (October 10, 2015)
Synod Update for Monday – Big Pulpit (October 12, 2015)
Post-Synod Update for Tuesday – Big Pulpit (October 27, 2015)
For the WEDNESDAY EDITION (October 7, 2015) click here.
For the THURSDAY EDITION (October 8, 2015) click here.
For the THUR. EXTRA: Plus the Latest Synod Updates (October 8, 2015) click here.
For the FRIDAY EDITION (October 9, 2015) click here.
For the MONDAY EDITION (October 12, 2015) click here.
For the TUESDAY EDITION (October 27, 2015) click here.
For the TUESDAY EXTRA (October 27, 2015) click here.

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