Ted Cruz SmilingAll Gay! All the Time!

by Donald R. McClarey, JD,

of The American Catholic


Bishp Philip Egan  Bishop Philip Egan: What Makes Britain Great Is

  Its Christian Patrimony

  via Catholic Herald Magazine




Homosexual Flag  Gay Marriage, Old Testament Verses,

  and Fundamentalist Hermeneutics

  by Luke Arredondo

  of Ignitum Today



12 Titles of the Holy Spirit Explained! – Tatiana Federoff, Epic Pew
DC Court Tells Catholic Gps: Submit to HHS Mandate or Pay Big Fines – Peter J. Smith
Clearing Up the Confusion Over the Reform of the LCWR – Ann Carey, The Register
Everyone Expects the Spanish Inquisition – Joseph Pearce, Crisis Magazine
Transhumanism: It’s Not Just Science Fiction – Eugene Gan, Aleteia∝
Ending Speculation About Oscar Romero, Martyr for the Gospel – Gian F. Svidercoschi
Catholic Writers: Stand Up for the Truth in Love – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
Movie Review: Tomorrowland’s Optimism Looks a Lot Like Hope – David Ives, Aleteia∝
Mark Twain’s Little Known Love for a Catholic Saint – Stephen K. Ryan, Mystic Post
The Supreme Court and So-Called Same-Sex Marriage – Big Pulpit (5-18-15)
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