Pope Francis Smiling and Waving Original PicAre You Waiting for the Church to Change Her Teachings?

by Leila Miller

of Catholic Stand


What is missing from these Renaissance paintings?   Quiz: What Is Missing from These Renaissance Paintings?

  by Chloe Mooradian

  of Epic Pew



San Francisco Archdiocese Weighs ‘Adjustments’ to Teacher Contracts – J. F. Desmond
Why Do Catholics Confess Sins to a Priest Instead of to God? – John Martignoni, Aleteia∝
Dressing Like a Man for Mass – Matthew James Christoff, The Catholic Gentleman
Beauty & Tradition in ‘Church of the Poor’ – Benjamin Mann & Abbot Nch. Zachariadis
The Gift of the Moment: Dealing with Busyness and Stress – Helen Sidhu, Restless Press
Income Inequality Is Not the Real Problem – Father Dwight Longenecker, SomH
Opus Sectile Work in Holy Land; Any Information About These Patterns? – David Clayton
Giveaway: Handbook of Catholic Apologetics – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew (Ends May 1)
Hillary and Christian Dhimmis – Robert Royal PhD, The Catholic Thing
Radical Homosexuals: Force-Feeding Us ‘Ideological Cake’ – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5
The Supreme Court & Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Day of Destiny – Big Pulpit (4-27-15)
The Supreme Court & Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Day 2 – Big Pulpit (4-29-15)
For the WEDNESDAY GOD & CAESAR EDITION (4-29-15) click here.
For the WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON EDITION (4-29-15) click here.
For the WEDNESDAY MORNING EDITION (5-6-15) click here.

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