Revisiting Gibson’s Passion of the Christ Revisiting Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ

by Brian Williams

of One Peter 5


Christ Tomb Jesus Dead Small Square Pic  ‘They Killed Him’: Deicide & Holy Saturday

  by Leroy Huizenga

  of The Catholic World Report



Cupcake with Number Five Candle Square Pic  Convert, Five Years Later

  by Nicole DeMille

  of Epic Pew



12 Things You Need to Know About Holy Saturday – Jimmy Akin, The Register
Holy Saturday 2015 – Liz Estler, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Was Jesus Forsaken by the Father? – Nick Hardesty, Catholic Stand
Quæritur: Do Vestments Really Matter? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Are “Facts” the Only Kind of Truth? – Randall Smith PhD, The Catholic Thing
Works of Mercy Part VIII: Bury the Dead, Pray for the Living & the Dead – Ignitum Today
Holy Saturday & Lord of the Rings – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head
The ‘Final Four’ Last Things – Trent Beattie, The National Catholic Register
Some Strategies for Overcoming Temptation – Monsignor Charles Pope
Giveaway: Handbook of Catholic Apologetics – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew (Ends May 1)
Synod on the Family 2015 Final March Updates – BigPulpit.com (3-30-15)
Tolerance, Religious Liberty, and Indiana – BigPulpit.com (4-4-15)
The Supreme Court & Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Day of Destiny – Big Pulpit (4-27-15)
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