Liquid Bread: The Top 5 Bock Beers for LentLiquid Bread: The Top Five Bock Beers for Lent

by Sam Guzman

of The Catholic Gentleman


Pope Francis Smiling and Waving Original Pic  Pope Francis: Care For and Respect the Elderly,

  Storehouses of Wisdom

  from The National Catholic Register



Children and TLM  The Thriving Traditional Latin Mass Parish

  of Dallas (F. S. S. P.)

  by Donna Sue Berry

  of Regina Magazine


Girl Red Balloon Square Pic  A Modern Woman’s Education in the Truths of Marriage

  by Mitchell Kalpakgian, PhD,

  of Truth and Charity Forum



Baby Vaccination Square Pic  A Parent’s Dilemma: To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

  by Kathy Schiffer

  of The National Catholic Register



Two Good Publishers, Six New Books for Lent – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture
The Virtues of Lent – Brother Joachim Kenney OP, Dominicana
From Atheism to Catholicism, By Way of Truth and Beauty – The Catholic World Report
The Shaking Up of Sexual I.D. Is a Prelude for Totalitarian Ideologies – Msgr. Anatrella
Lenten Learning: Prayer – Nicole Ernest, Children of The Church
Epic Giveaway: A.D. Books – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew
In the Back Pew: Never Alone on the Lenten Journey – Sherry Antonetti, Cthlc Stndrd
The Islamic State Is Exterminating Christians and Civilization – (3-2-15)
For the TUESDAY BYZANTINE EDITION (3-3-15) click here.

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